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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic

Doctor Manon Houle, psychologist

Manon Houle, psychologist, is specialized in chronic pain as well as emotional and relational problems. She provides psychotherapy services and conducts psychological forensic reports, inter-disciplinary forensic reports, professional supervision and professional training. She can provide services in both French and English.


Our Team

Physical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Ms. Dominique Gilbert, physiotherapist

Dominique Gilbert, physiotherapist, has extensive experience in active and efficient management of persistent and painful musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, she provides physical rehabilitation services, workplace visits, general or work-related physical capacity assessments, as well as multi-disciplinary forensic reports. Her services may be requested in French or English.

Doctor Maria Dritsa, psychologist

Maria Dritsa, psychologist, has extensive experience in assessment and treament of chronic pain, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, stress and depression. She also provides multi-disciplinary assessments and psychological forensic reports. Her services can be requested in French, English and Greek.

Mr. Didier Havé, psychologist

Didier Havé, psychologist, is specialized in EMDR therapy and in the treatment of all disorders related to trauma and anxiety. He has been trained in a number of different therapeutic approaches and provides psychotherapy and psychological evaluation services in French.


Doctor Nayla Awada, psychologist

Nayla Awada, psychologist, is qualified in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, symptoms of depression and relational issues. Her services also include chronic pain rehabilitation. She conducts therapy in French, English or Arabic.

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