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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Clinic

Founded in 1994 by psychologist Doctor Manon Houle, NOCI Clinique Inc. is made up of a team of six professionals. We are dedicated to assessing and treating psychological problems in an integrated approach, as well as treating mental and physical health issues in parallel. We routinely treat patients presenting the following problems:


●       depression

●       burnout

●       chronic fatigue

●       fibromyalgia

●       back pain

●       pain during sexual intercourse

●       chronic pain

●       adjustment disorders

●       anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks, agoraphobia, specific phobias,                  hypochondria)

●       after-effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder

●       emotional and relational problems

●       issues with parents or partners

●       eating disorders

●       problems related to the use of narcotics

●       sick leaves/disability

●       workplace conflicts


The consensus among the scientific community is towards a biopsychosocial approach for the treatment of patients suffering from psychological or chronic health issues.  In order to meet the needs of our clientele, psychologist Doctor Manon Houle has surrounded herself with a team of professionals with complementary areas of expertise and with varied skillsets related to mental health, psychology and rehabilitation. In the vast majority of cases, our treatment goal is to increase our patients’ quality of life, as well as to help them return to their normal daily routine. Our team consists of these professionals:


  • Ms. Dominique Gilbert, physiotherapist, who benefits from an extensive experience in rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic pain;

  • Doctor Maria Dritsa, psychologist, who is known for her clinical and scientific experience in the field of health psychology and relational problems;

  • Mr. Didier Havé, psychologist, who is specialized in psychological disorders stemming from trauma, as well as anxiety disorders;

  • Doctor Nayla Awada, psychologist, who possesses deep knowledge of anxiety disorders, depression, relational disorders, as well as anxiety caused by chronic pain.


Due to our specialized knowledge of psychological evaluation and psychometrics, certain law-enforcement agencies mandate us to perform psychological evaluations on prospective candidates.


Some members of our team act as forensic experts in cases related to disability, analyzing the causal relationship and asertaining the cause of the damage.  We are also asked to evaluate the physical and psychological capabilities of our patients, as well as the professional and ethical practices of a varied disciplines.


Not only are we often asked to speak in conferences related to managing complex cases, but we also offer individual supervision services, as well as creating training workshops for professionals desiring to increase their knowledge of psychology, clinical health psychology and rehabilitation.


In the past few years, a large number of psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation counsellors, nurses, doctors and lawyers have benefitted from our training workshops. The subjects of these workshops have included diverse topics such as the evaluation of the psychosocial component and the multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain, usage of psychometric tools to conduct an integrated assessment of the patient, management of people with difficult personalities, effective communication, social anxiety, as well as the assessment and treatment of people suffering from personality disorders.




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