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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic


About Noci Clinique Inc.


Our clinic provides psychological and physical rehabilitation services catered to our patients’ specific and individual needs. Our broad experience allows us to treat a large number of different problems, such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, the after-effects of trauma, relationship problems, issues with parents and in-laws, eating disorders as well as helping our patients with chronic health trouble such as pain and fatigue.


In addition to these services, we also offer professional training courses, all of which are accredited by the Ordre des psychologues du Quebec. These courses are designed for professionals working in health, mental health and rehabilitation services to train for various skills related to our areas of expertise. Upon completion of each training course, the trainee will be awarded a continuing education certificate commensurate to the number of hours of participation.


We offer our services in French, English, Greek, Spanish and Arabic.

Continuing education



We provide continuing education courses useful to a wide array of professionals. Our courses are accredited by the Ordre des psychologues du Quebec.


In addition to those that are displayed, other courses may be developped upon request. These courses can be taken via webinar or in person. To add your name to the mailing list, click here.


Psychological Services


Our services include the assessment and treatment of psychological problems, whether they are linked to other health issues or not. We treat both private patients as well as those who are referred to us by a third party, such as an insurance company, the CSST, IVAC or any others. No medical referral is required. Click here for a list of our services.





The treatment focus is on attenuating symptoms and helping our patients return to their daily lives after a prolonged sick leave or a serious injury.


At NOCI Clinique Inc., we take care to tailor our services to your particular and individual needs. As part of our integrated approach to treatment, we work closely with professionals from other disciplines where necessary.

Contact Us


If you wish to contact us, talk to our administrative assistant Ms. Suzanne Bolduc.


Please note that in order to safeguard the confidentiality of our patients, our clinic displays no signage advertising itself as such.

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