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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic

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Our Services

Psychology Services

We provide services in evaluation and psychotherapy for a variety of disorders (anxiety, social anxiety, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, personality disorders, affective and relational disorders, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, adjustment disorders) and we master several different therapeutic approaches (cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectic behavioural therapy, schema therapy, interpersonal therapy, EMDR, integrative therapy, and multidisciplinary approach)



Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation

NOCI Clinique’s physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation services always start with an in-depth assessment of the biomechanical factors which have led to, maintained and/or exacerbated the patient’s symptoms. This assessment is conducted while fully considering the patient’s socio-professional context. Our treatment aims firstly to better understand the physical mechanisms of pain and then manage them better, all while emphasizing the patient’s physical condition.

Professional Supervision

At NOCI Clinique Inc., we provide professional supervision in a variety of fields relating to our practice, such as psychological assessment, use of psychometric tests, planning patients’ treatment, professional development and the management of responsibilities related to psychologists' professional ethics.


Forensic Reports

We provide three different types of reports: psychological reports, integrated reports, and functional capacity assessment reports. Integrated reports combine both of the other types. Reports relating to a variety of different areas can be requested, such as disability, causal relationship, insurance claims and professional ethics.


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