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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic

Forensic Reports

At NOCI Clinique Inc, several of our collaborators are able to provide Forensic services in Psychology or Physiotherapy. These reports are usually prepared in the context of: disability claims, evaluations of damages, evaluations of causal relationships in order to determine accountability, and in the professional reviewing process.


It is also possible to ask for our integrated report, which assess not only the patient’s psychological but also his/her physical capacities. This type of report allows a broader view of the patient claim.


Over the years, our forensic work has served to help parties reach an agreement or helped courts reach a more informed decision.


We can also provide advice and recommandations based on the medical file provided.


At NOCI Clinique Inc, Doctors Manon Houle and Maria Dritsa provide Psychological and Integrated Forensic reports. Dominique Gilbert provides Integrated Forensic reports and Physical Capacity Evaluation reports. Write us at


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