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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic


Dr. Manon Houle, Psychologist

2609, Cote-St-Catherine Road

Montreal, Quebec H3T 1B5


phone: 514 731-4146 ext 1

fax: 514 731-0322


Manon Houle, Ph.D., M.Sc., Psychologist


Having obtained a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Western Ontario, Doctor Manon Houle founded NOCI Clinique Inc. in 1994, where she partnered with other professionals possessing complementary areas of expertise, in order to better meet the needs of a growing clientele. Collaborating with her team, she developed an integrated approach to the treatment of a variety of physical and psychological problems such as chronic pain, among others.


Areas of Expertise


In addition to the interdisciplinary forensic reports which NOCI Clinique Inc. offers, Doctor Houle provides a wide breadth of specialised services in clinical health psychology and for treating patients suffering from:


  • Chronic pain syndrome

  • Somatoform pain disorders

  • Personality disorders

  • Interpersonal problems

  • Mood disorders

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Family issues


As a member of the the Société des experts en évaluation médico-légale du Québec and of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME), she performs forensic psychological assessments and acts as expert witness in court cases. TShe carries out these assessments for disability claims, damage claims, psychological capacity and the professional practice of psychology. Her conclusions generally favor mediation between the parties involved in the dispute.


Without abandoning individual therapy, she also conducts individual and integrated, multidisciplinary assessments with her collegue, Ms. Dominique Gilbert.


As a provider of training and continuing education courses, she plans and carries out workshops on a variety of subjects:


  • Chronic pain

  • Using the MMPI-2 and the MMPI-2-RF

  • Millon’s evolutionary model of personality assessment

  • Management of people with difficult personalities

  • Using the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)


In the course of her professional practice, she has supervised and continues to supervise psychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.


Taking great care to pursue her own ongoing professional development, she attends a large number of workshops and training sessions.


Education and professional experience


After having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from McGill University, she obtained a Masters and a Doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Western Ontario.


From 1990 to 1992, Doctor Houle worked as the director of the multidisciplinary program of fibromyalgia treatment at London’s University Hospital, in Ontario. Following this experience, she lectured in Psychology at Concordia University for two years. Over the course of these years, she led research projects on the psychological component of pain assessment, as well as on the perception of effectiveness of its treatment.


In 2006, the University of Montreal awarded her a post-graduate diploma in Medical Insurance and Forensics and in February 2015, she obtained a Masters in Biomedical Science.


Significant Publications


  • Her doctoral thesis in 1992 dealt with the influence of patient expectations on the pharmacological effects of painkillers

  • She was the coauthor of “Opioïdes et douleur chronique non cancéreuse : enjeux cliniques,” Drogues, Sante et Societe, vol. 7, n. 1, June 2008 (pp. 357-389)

  • She has also been published in scientific journals such as Pain and Headache and has presented her research findings in scientific conferences

  • Her most recent Masters dissertation dealt with the psychosocial factors which lead to disability for pain-related reasons


She provides services in both French and English

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