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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic

If you are a lawyer

If you are a lawyer who is looking for an expert in the fields of disability (e.g. fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic stress), of evaluation of causal relationship or of evaluation of damages, we at NOCI Clinique Inc. accept such mandates. The professionals offering Forensic reports and expert testimony have extensive experience in clinical evaluation, psychometrics, Forensic report writing, as well as court testimony.


We offer many types of Forensic services, and we also offer evaluations to estimate the admissibility of a case, before initiating or pursuing medico/psycho-legal Forensic processes.


We also offer Forensic services in the field of professional practice (psychology, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation counsellor).


For all requests, you may contact the professional of your choice or Dr. Manon Houle, psychologist, who will be able to lead you to the most appropriate professional for your needs.


We provide our Forensic services in French, English and Greek. Due to the fact that other members of our team speak other languages fluently and could act as translators for us in those cases, it would also be possible for us to evaluate clients who can only speak Greek, Arabic and Spanish.

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