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Psychology and Physiotherapy Clinic

If you are a third party

If you are an disability claims agent, a rehabilitation counsellor, or a case manager for an organization such as the CSST, IVAC or a private insurance company, NOCI Clinique’s specialists can help you. Our experience and knowledge of the laws and regulations, which underpin a variety of different claims, helps us perform evaluations and treatments tailored specifically to your client, without adding undue medicolegal management burdens to the management of the case.


In order to provide services which are adapted to your needs, we conduct a comprehensive initial evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to highlight the biopsychosocial factors which contribute to the clinical picture, in order to better formulate therapeutic and administrative recommendations that will accelerate a return to normal activities for the client. We favor individualized treatment, adapted to individual needs.


Our reports keep in mind the context which led to the consultation, as well as the medico-administrative needs. Once treatment has begun, our professionals work closely with the paying agent and the other key players in the file, in order to ensure a effective follow-up. Progress reports will be written according to the medico-administrative needs of the case.


We also provide independent evaluations for administrative reasons, without actual treatment, to help third party payers in making informed decisions on a worker or an insured party’s functional state (psychological, physical or both). In the context of this type of independent evaluation, we can answer specific questions that will help in formulating an administrative decision.


In seeking our services, you may contact one of our professionals directly, or you may contact our administative assistant Ms Suzanne Bolduc, who will be able to lead you to the most appropriate member of our team for the problem at hand.


We provide psychological services in French, English, Greek, Arabic and Spanish. Our physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation services are offered in French and English only.




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