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Professional training services 

We have conceived and continue to update our professional training sessions at NOCI clinique, to offer knowledge in specialized aspects of clinical practice.  These training sessions are accredited by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

We also offer conferences on varied psychological subjects at the bequest of different organizations and professional associations. For example:


  • How to treat a difficult client in the context of customer service; 

  • Techniques of efficient communication;

  • How to deal with difficult personalities; 

  • How to control pain; 

  • How to better manage stress and priorities.


In the fields of Psychology and Physical Rehabilitation, we offer personalized training on demand, on various subjects. 




  • MMPI-2 et MMPI-2RF

  • Douleur chronique

  • PAI (Personality Assessment Inventory)

  • La personnalité selon Theodore Millon

Ces cours sont offerts sur place ou par l'entremise de webinar.  Bientôt, ils seront disponibles en ligne.  

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